Amazing Talent

From interviews to background checks, we balance our focus on customer-service with a detailed, and assurance-minded system of checks and balances. Read below to learn how we consistently provide great matches to our client companies.


Invest in our expertise, we don’t just connect you with a resume. We find the best talent for your organization from our network of thousands of qualified candidates.


Quality Hires, Quickly

Finding the best talent without down time is crucial to minimizing the costs of procurement. For temporary assignments, our median time-to-fill is just 27 minutes, and no matter what you’re hiring for, we try to provide resumes within 24hrs of receiving your job order. The typical employer draws candidates from three to six sources. ActOne Entertainment Staffing draws talent from 25 or more sources. One of these sources includes our 200+ North American recruiting centres with Hiring Advisors who are incentivized to work as a team to get you the quickest result.


Personal Interviews + Vetting

During a candidate’s initial interview we capture as much about his or her experience, goals, and attitude as possible. We go beyond the resume to invest time with the applicant, because there’s only so much a job description can say.


Standards You Can Trust

We use the industry-leading provider of skill evaluation software, ProveIt!®, to design assessments that are highly customizable and tailored to your specific industry. This means that we’re able to filter, and cross-reference our talent network with a fine degree of control—showing you the best talent available without all the noise. We’ve invested in the best tools and processes to provide the highest standards in talent benchmarking. We are ISO and IMAGE certified to ensure a thorough and consistent evaluation process which includes extensive interviews with each applicant using behavioral-evaluation techniques. Our branch staff takes the extra time to learn an individual’s aspirations, talents, skill level, past experiences, preferred work environment, and more, allowing them to be placed in a position best-suited for him/her.



Our assessments allow us to test hard skills such as proficiency with key software tools as well as behavioral traits and work styles. We require all applicants to provide their employment history with a minimum of two positive business-related references. Once verified by ActOne Entertainment Staffing, these references can identify past workplace behaviors and tendencies that help us determine ideal workplace environments for each individual. At client request we can also conduct full background and chemical screening.


Our 5•50 Guarantee Program

More than 50% of all employees who leave a new job do so in the first 12 months. If you hire on your own, this means you incur the time and expense all over again. We are so confident in the quality of our placements that we back your investment for up to five years on both turnover and succession.

3 Ways to Hire

Whether you need one person, or hundreds, ActOne Entertainment Staffing offers hiring programs and options that work for your business. Below, you’ll find our core hiring programs and step-by-step guides for how they typically work and how ActOne Entertainment interfaces with your company.

First Steps with Us

We begin every engagement by getting to know you and your company’s needs. From researching your business, to meeting your staff and touring your facilities, we look at how we can build long-term relationships with our clients.

01: Contact ActOne Entertainment Staffing

You need someone effective, proven, and vetted, who also needs to integrate well with your other team members. Request a free consultation online to begin the process, or to just get valuable feedback.

02: Your Hiring Advisor

You’re assigned your own dedicated Hiring Advisor, who will be your main point of contact and oversee the hiring process, from start to finish. Your Hiring Advisor will be chosen based on your sector and business needs, giving you the best opportunities for great hires.

03: Schedule Visit

Next, your Hiring Advisor will arrange a time to meet with you at your company location. The goal is to have a conversation, within the context of where the actual work will be done, and to speak with everyone who has a stake in any new hire’s position.

04: Site Visit at Your Company

At the time of your choosing, your Hiring Advisor arrives at your business to listen to your criteria and concerns, any hiring challenges you have faced, and observe your unique environment and company culture. We also try to meet all your key department managers and thought leaders.

05: Overview of Catered Solutions

We’ll discuss how specific hiring programs and options will add immediate and long-term value. We’ll go over pricing and program options noting any effective, timely solutions that may be of benefit. At this point, we usually give you specific talent profiles for you to begin to evaluate.

06: Formalizing a Placement

Once the scope of the position and hiring program are finalized, your Hiring Advisor will guide you through our job order process in order to formalize the project and begin sourcing talent.


The Direct Hire Program

Our client companies use this program to find top performers to fill crucial roles in their businesses. ActOne Entertainment Staffing has been providing Direct Hire recruitment for over 50 years and it remains a cornerstone of our unmatched expertise.


01: You have a Direct Hire Need

Maybe your company is expanding, someone just got promoted, or you just lost a valuable member of your team. Either way, you need someone effective, proven, vetted, and they need to integrate well with your other team members. Request an online consultation to let us know exactly what you need.

02: Research + Market + Identify

We’ll work quickly to match your requirements to talent in our network by actively marketing your position and company to the very best people in our talent network. We’ll also check to see if we need to screen for specific skills, or to perform additional screenings.

03: Amazing Options

Your Hiring Advisor will start sending you targeted talent profiles, typically in less than 24hrs. And because our talent comes pre-screened, we can vary the profile criteria in order to ensure you’re getting the right solution for your project.

04: Interview + Consider

Now that we’ve worked out “who” you have an interest in speaking to, all you have to do is gauge which person is the best fit. We’ll arrange any interviews with talent that you have an interest in, and be available to communicate your decision to our talent.

05: Follow-Ups + Feedback

We’ll follow up with you after your interviews to answer questions, discuss concerns, and to see if anyone seemed like a good match. If not, we provide more options. If someone is a good fit, we’re here to discuss compensation packages and incentives should the need arise.

06: A New Team Member

Congratulations! It looks like you found an amazing, new team member! At this point, the candidate is brought into your company and onto your payroll, but our job doesn’t end there. We’ll follow up in the coming weeks to make sure everything is going well. Plus, you have our 5•50 Guarantee to back up your decision!


The Temp-To-Hire Program

When you need to bring someone on immediately, but also have to mitigate your risk, we suggest our Temp-to-Hire program. Evaluate how a placement works with your team and within your company culture, while on our payroll. We combine the speed and flexibility of our Temporary staffing services with the power of our Direct Hire recruitment services.


01: You need just the right person

Once the specifics of your Temp-to-Hire position are discussed and agreed upon with your Hiring Advisor, they’ll get to work finding a selection of appropriate talent to suit your needs.

02: Options Just for You

Usually within 24 hours, your Hiring Advisor will present you with talent profiles for consideration. At this point, all you have to do is review the profiles with your team, and decide who you’d like to interview.

03: Interview Time

Once you’ve selected some promising matches, your Hiring Advisor will begin scheduling interviews. Just let us know your availability, and we’ll take care of all the arrangements and communication.

04: Begin Evaluation Period

During an associate’s evaluation period they’re an employee of ActOne Entertainment Staffing. This means they’re on our payroll saving you the costs and risks associated with hiring. Evaluation periods typically last 90 days, however, you can discuss specific timeframe options with your Hiring Advisor.

05: End Evaluation Period

At the end of the evaluation period, you’re free to hire or decline the talent provided. At this point, the amount of real world observations gained during this time should allow you to make a confident and informed decision.

06: An Amazing New Team Member

Congrats, you just found a great new member of your team! It’s time to begin the process of bringing them on board. Your Hiring Advisor will consult with you about their compensation package should you need.


The Temporary Program

Temporary or Contract staffing provides you with fast help when you need it for as long as you need it. Maintain your productivity in any situation through contingent workers, and mitigate the costs and risks typically associated with full-time headcount.


01: You Need a Temporary Placement

Whether you need one person, or hundreds, ActOne Entertainment Staffing can provide the talent. Contact your local branch or your Hiring Advisor and we'll get started.

02: Options for Immediate Deployment

In cases where speed of deployment is the main concern, we can fill positions directly without the need for you to review resumes or conduct interviews. After your Hiring Advisor has finalized your job order, they’ll begin filling positions immediately.

03: Start of Temporary Assignment

Talent will report directly to your designated on-site point of contact. Temporary placements remain on our payroll, so we take care of their timecards, paychecks, and all worker’s compensation fees associated with them.

04: Checking Progress

We check in to see how everything’s going. Following up is an important part of what we do, and want to make sure we’re fulfilling your expectations. If someone isn’t working out, we’ll send a replacement.

05: End of Temporary Assignment

We hope our temporary workforce was able to offset the demands of your business. We know every business encounters variables in demand, so we’re here for you whenever you need it!

06: Online Timecards

At the end of each work day, your temporary placements will fill out their online timecards. You’ll have a chance to approve their hours online before we process anything. That’s it!

How We Work

At ActOne Entertainment Staffing, we operate by a certain set of values and expectations that have allowed us to build amazing relationships with our client companies through the years. At our core, we’re committed to lending our expertise to helping you find solutions to the problems you face today, or tomorrow.

Your Company, Your Culture

Qualifications being equal, the difference between a great hire and an adequate one is often a question of how well they fit into your company culture. Our Hiring Advisors take the time to understand the atmosphere, pace, values, and climate of the companies that we find placements for.

More than Metrics

We go beyond the resume to find out as much about a candidate’s experience, goals, and character as possible. What environments do they thrive in? Where’s their career path taken them, and where do they see themselves going? Successful placements isn’t just about analyzing what‘s on paper. They’re about finding relationships that can thrive.

Expand Your Company Footprint

We know that most companies aren’t in the business of hiring. For over fifty years, we’ve worked very hard to develop the footprint, expertise, and agility to support the hiring needs of companies both big and small—finding the right talent wherever they might be. We believe that our network truly is your network.

Awareness and Exposure

When your company needs a new team member, we don’t think of it as "filling a position." Our approach is to get the word out about why your company is great. It means creating awareness and exposure around the values and culture that will attract interest in the long term. We don’t just hire for you, we market you.

How do you find, identify, and select talent (what is your process)?

Our ability to attract talent starts by recognizing that the applicant is the centre of our universe, so all of our systems and processes have been optimized to attract talent and provide the best experience possible. As a result, most people come to us through referral. We find that when we are successful at helping somebody achieve their career goals they send us several more high quality professionals so that our available talent pool grows exponentially.

Our hiring advisors are active members of their communities and maintain active relationships with professionals and networking groups related to the key industries and job functions for their areas of specialization. Additionally our recruiters receive annual certifications in social recruiting to further expand our ability to find and interact with top caliber professionals. Often these professionals aren’t even looking for work, so somebody who was limited to advertising would never have access to these people. As a result of our social media expertise, ActOne Entertainment Staffing was recognized as a Top 10 Page on LinkedIn.

To further fill our talent pipeline, we conduct job fairs, utilize dozens of advertising sources, and leverage multiple other recruiting sources to ensure we have talent with the skills and attributes most needed by our customers.

When it comes to selecting talent for you, Your Hiring Advisor starts by conducting a complete needs assessment including sales and production requirements, 90 day scope of work, team composition, and customer styles. This structured process helps us develop a deeper understanding of the role’s impact, and often reveals key details that do not always make it into a formal job description.

Your Hiring Advisor will come to your site and conduct what we call a Synergy Scan, which allows us to identify the key employee attributes needed to fit in long-term with both your team and your customers. This often involves profiling the most productive employees in the department to develop a keener sense of what skills and abilities result in engaged and successful employees. The Synergy Scan helps us frame the job opening into an appealing opportunity to attract solid candidates.

We’ve invested in the best tools and processes to provide the highest standards in talent benchmarking. We ensure a thorough and consistent evaluation process which includes extensive interviews with each applicant using behavioral-evaluation techniques. Our branch staff takes the extra time to learn an individual’s aspirations, talents, skill level, past experiences, preferred work environment, and more, allowing the applicant to be placed in a position best-suited for him/her. Our skill assessments allow us to test hard skills such as proficiency with key software tools as well as behavioral skills. We require all applicants to provide their employment history with a minimum of two positive business-related references. Once verified by ActOne Entertainment Staffing, these references can identify past workplace behaviors and tendencies that help us determine ideal workplace environments for each individual. At client request we can also conduct full background screening.

What are your capabilities?

ActOne Entertainment Staffing is an ideal staffing partner with capabilities to service companies large and small. Our company is large enough to effectively compete on a national scale and small enough to deliver an intimate level of customer service that each client deserves. We are family owned and debt free which means we can remain flexible to your needs and provide services that are right for you. ActOne Entertainment’s client-for-life philosophy has enabled us to manage staffing services for large-enterprise client companies across a broad geographic footprint.

What kinds of positions do you fill (what are your specialties)?

As part of the ACT•1 Group global conglomerate, we are able to recruit for virtually any position, from entry-level to C-level.

  • Legal & Compliance
  • Accounting & Finance
  • Customer Service & Call Center
  • IT & Engineering
  • Marketing
  • Human Resources
  • Operations Management
  • Hospitality & Retail
  • Administrative & Front Office
  • Logistics & Distribution
  • C-Level
  • VP
  • Manager/Director
  • Supervisor/Specialist
  • Level II-IV
  • Level I
How will I be charged?

ActOne Entertainment Staffing has only charged clients after we have provided a result. This means you won’t receive a bill from us unless the Talent we provided is on the job with your company or on assignment.

Are you ACA compliant?

Yes, we are.

We have always made it our goal to consistently offer our customers the best talent, at the fastest pace and at the most competitive price. As many of our customers have expected, ACA creates incremental health insurance costs, a new benefits administration infrastructure, technology for automation and monitoring, engagement of experts, employee communications, and employer reporting requirements.

Our clients have been reassured that our dedication to risk mitigation and providing solution based services will consistently be reflected in our compliance toward the Affordable Care Act and all other federal and state hiring mandates. At a time with increased human resources administration challenges, they expect that we will bring even more added value to the outsourcing of their hiring process.

We remain committed to delivering the same quality of excellent service our customers have come to associate with us. United with our clients, we will continue to play a key role in growing domestic employment and economic growth up and promoting healthy employer and employee relations.

What we are doing to comply with the ACA employer mandate.

We will comply with the letter and intent of the law by offering affordable coverage for those individuals who meet eligibility criteria.

We have a long history of being able to attract and retain top employees. We will continue to offer a competitive benefits package to ensure we uphold our reputation of employing top employees. As an employer, we are responsible for making available ACA compliant coverage to our employees.

In general, the ACA will make it easier for non-traditional employees to secure health insurance coverage through an employer, or the Healthcare Exchanges. This should result in a greater supply of temporary employees.

We are committed to the legal and ethical management of our work forces pursuant to its provisions.

To fully comply with ACA requirements, we have:
  • Implemented automated technology systems to assess eligibility. This avoids diluting the recruiters’ time spent supporting the hiring needs of our customers and the placement needs of our candidates
  • Implemented an automated employee notification system with multiple points of contact for quicker employee service
  • Provided access to an enrollment platform for all eligible employees
  • Established Compliance Auditing
  • Developed multiple benefit plans available to provide employees with choices
  • Created a comprehensive benefit administration process via our internal Enrollment Department, and in-house licensed subject matter experts
  • Devised a technological configuration and build-out to accommodate:
    • Hours capture
    • Eligibility thresholds
    • ACA specific capabilities
    • Future evolutions of ACA mandates
What kinds of certifications do you have?

We’re proud to share that we are ISO and IMAGE certified, which means that we have a consistent and in-depth recruitment and placement process. We don’t miss anything when we’re interviewing candidates or asking them to complete the typical employment eligibility documents, skills assessments, reference checks, and, upon our clients' request, background checks.

We are also a certified diversity provider, recognized by the Minority Business Development Council, Inc., the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council, and is a Corporate Plus member of the National Minority Supplier Diversity Council (NMSDC). Additional industry associations include membership in Staffing Industry Analysts (SIA), Human Capital Institute (HCI), and the Society for Human Resources Management (SHRM). As one of the largest woman-owned and-minority-owned workforce management firm in the United States, the organization promotes the employment, recruitment, and provision of a diverse workforce, recognizing that diversity not only creates opportunity but strengthens core business competencies.

Could you describe your diversity programs?

As a certified diversity provider, ActOne Entertainment Staffing recognizes that diversity creates opportunity as well as strengthens core business competencies. We have established formal EEO and Affirmative Action policies to promote the employment, recruitment, and provision of a diverse workforce. These policies combine with initiatives that ensure we are successful in meeting our own diversity objectives as well as the diversity goals and initiatives of our client companies.

Diversity through Innovation and Community Engagement

  • Targeted campaigns to attract Diverse Candidates
  • Sophisticated internet-based diversity sourcing through established job boards
  • Consistent pipeline of pre-screened and benchmarked diverse candidates
  • Strong involvement with local, professional/civic diversity organizations

Our Guarantee

In today’s job market, employees change their jobs more frequently than in previous generations. This means you’ll always be hiring. But how will you prepare for turnover and succession planning? One of the best ways we do this is through our guarantee program.

ActOne Entertainment Staffing's 5•50 Program

As a partner that is committed to your long-term success, we have developed a program for customers where we stand behind our placements and guarantee your hiring investment for up to 5 years. Ask your Hiring Advisor for details on our exclusive 5•50 program that allows you to replace promoted or terminated employees at half your original investment.